Jharkhad State Pollution Control Board

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Sr. Title Publish Date
1 Guidelines for management of Biomedical wastes generated in Hospitas, Quarantine camps & Houses dealing with Covid 19   PDF file size:( 3036.2 KB) New icons 17-05-2020
2 Posponment of Expression of Interest regarding Noise pollution study and mapping   PDF file size:( 29.49 KB) New icons 08-05-2020
3 Extension in validity period of CTO up to 30.06.2020   PDF file size:( 79.89 KB) New icons 07-05-2020
4 Instruction for Health Care Facilities/Quarantine Camps/Home Care/Sample Collection Centers/Laboratories/CBWTFs   PDF file size:( 83.36 KB) New icons 07-05-2020
5 Revised guidelines for handling, treatment and disposal of COVID-19 waste   PDF file size:( 377.52 KB) New icons 05-05-2020
6 NGT order regarding Scientific Disposal of Bio-Medical Waste arising out of COVID-19 treatment- Compliance of BMW Rules, 2016   PDF file size:( 483.78 KB) New icons 24-04-2020
7 Extension of storage of Hazardous waste beyond 90 days   PDF file size:( 405.91 KB) New icons 17-04-2020
8 Relaxation from seeking CTE/CTO to Units manufacturing life saving medical equipment,life saving drugs,personal protective equipments,gears,sanitizer &Oxygen Gas   PDF file size:( 525.13 KB) New icons 12-04-2020
9 Extension in date for submission of "Expression of Interest (Eol) for Empanelment of agencies/consultants for preparation of Action Plans s for SfAs/Industrial Clusters w.r.t. Honble NGT order dated 10.07.2019 in OANo. 1038/2018.   PDF file size:( 25.86 KB) New icons 13-03-2020
10 The Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991   PDF file size:( 34.74 KB) New icons 12-03-2020
11 Invitation of "Expression of Interest (EoI) for Empanelment of AGENCIES/CONSULTANTS for PREPARATION OF ACTION PLANS for SPA’s/ Industrial Clusters W.r.t. Hon’ble NGT ORDER DATED 10/07/2019 in O.A. NO. 1038/2018”   PDF file size:( 982.73 KB) New icons 28-02-2020
12 Form for Recognition of Laboratory under EP Act,1986   PDF file size:( 600.75 KB) New icons 27-02-2020
13 FORM-IV [See rule 4 and 7 (vii)] FORM FOR REGISTRATION OF BATTERY DEALERS   PDF file size:( 293.03 KB) New icons 01-12-2019
14 Fee for the Registration of Dealers of Batteries   PDF file size:( 17.28 KB) New icons 01-12-2019
15 List of selected candidates for the post of Consulting Executives   PDF file size:( 823.6 KB) New icons 19-10-2019
16 jharkhand State Pollution Control Board organized an Interaction Session with Different Stakeholders on the occasion of "International Ozone Day" on 16.09.2019 at the office of JSPCB, Ranchi..   PDF file size:( 135.07 KB) New icons 16-09-2019
17 Jharkhand Star Rating Program and events New icons 03-03-2019
18 Hike in fee for public hearing   PDF file size:( 17.18 KB) New icons 07-01-2019
19 Revised fee structure of the Board   PDF file size:( 117.87 KB) New icons 15-06-2018
20 Auto renewal of CTO   PDF file size:( 24.19 KB) New icons 07-01-2019
21 Hike in fee for monitoring of AAQ, Effluent & Noise level   PDF file size:( 16.21 KB) New icons 07-01-2019
22 Hike in fee of CTE, CTO & Authorization   PDF file size:( 16.28 KB) New icons 07-01-2019
23 Notice for Educational Institution   PDF file size:( 151.7 KB) New icons 19-09-2018
24 Application is invited for the appointment on contractual basis for the project on Strengthening of Laboratory of JSPCB under Namami Gange   PDF file size:( 42.92 KB) New icons 21-12-2018
25 Public Hearing   PDF file size:( 175.6 KB) New icons 01-11-2018
26 Notification for PM 10 Analyzer   PDF file size:( 516.38 KB) New icons 01-05-2019
27 Citizen Charter   PDF file size:( 156.19 KB) New icons 31-05-2019
28 Appointment of Board Analyst in Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board   PDF file size:( 292.55 KB) New icons 13-06-2019
29 Ambient Noise level monitoring report of various locations near Honble Jharkhand High Court, Doranda, Ranchi   PDF file size:( 342.54 KB) New icons 17-06-2019
30 Notice for all Health Care Facilities (HCFs)   PDF file size:( 138.04 KB) New icons 06-07-2019
31 Minute of meeting held with NMGC,SPCB and Expert Institute on 28.05.2019 to discuss and finalize criteria for selection of GPTs for inventory & inspection   PDF file size:( 701.08 KB) New icons 01-08-2019
32 Notice to all industries for applying for Stack Emission monitoring, AAQ Monitoring,Effluent analysis and Noise level monitoring through Single Window   PDF file size:( 99.34 KB) New icons 06-08-2019
33 Applications are invited for the posts of Chairman,SEIAA; Member SEIAA; Chairman.SEAC; and Member,SEAC   PDF file size:( 886.15 KB) New icons 08-08-2019
34 Students of Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi have been entrusted by JSPCB to carry out inventory of Bio Medical & E-Waste of Ranchi District. New icons 31-07-2019
35 Meeting held With CCL, BCCL & ECL on 25.07.2019 regarding Pollution Control Measures to be adopted in Coal Mines New icons 16-07-2019
36 Presentations given during Hand holding interaction session on E Waste Management Plastic Waste Management & ETP CETP STP and Zero Liquid Discharge concept New icons 22-07-2019
37 Progress Review of all Regional Officers of JSPCB on 19.07.2019 New icons 11-07-2019
38 Action plan for River Rejuvination in the State of Jharkhand New icons 28-06-2019
39 Interaction meet with HCFs(Nursing Homes,Hospitals,Pathological Centers etc. and CBWTFs)/Hotels/Banquets/Clubs/ Allied Industries on 25th,June in Palash Auditorium,Doranda,Ranchi, Near Forest Officers. Colony New icons 25-06-2019
40 Closure Order issued New icons 31-05-2019
41 Creation of different Cells in the Board for the smooth functioning.   PDF file size:( 667.4 KB) New icons 22-05-2019
42 Bio-Medical Waste Management- A brief for Medicos New icons 01-04-2019