Jharkhad State Pollution Control Board

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Sr. Title Publish Date
1 FORM-IV [See rule 4 and 7 (vii)] FORM FOR REGISTRATION OF BATTERY DEALERS   PDF file size:( 293.03 KB) New icons 01-12-2019
2 Environmental Compensation levied on Industries. New icons 23-12-2019
3 Fee for the Registration of Dealers of Batteries   PDF file size:( 17.28 KB) New icons 01-12-2019
4 A Meeting on Water Quality Monitoring using satellite remote sensing has been scheduled at JSPCB office on 26.11.2019 at 3:00 PM   PDF file size:( 74.73 KB) New icons 21-11-2019
5 Research to Scale up:Engaging Indian Public Policy New icons 01-11-2019
6 List of selected candidates for the post of Consulting Executives   PDF file size:( 823.6 KB) New icons 19-10-2019
7 jharkhand State Pollution Control Board organized an Interaction Session with Different Stakeholders on the occasion of "International Ozone Day" on 16.09.2019 at the office of JSPCB, Ranchi..   PDF file size:( 135.07 KB) New icons 16-09-2019
8 Jharkhand Star Rating Program and events New icons 03-03-2019
9 Hike in fee for public hearing   PDF file size:( 17.18 KB) New icons 07-01-2019
10 Revised fee structure of the Board   PDF file size:( 117.87 KB) New icons 15-06-2018
11 Auto renewal of CTO   PDF file size:( 24.19 KB) New icons 07-01-2019
12 Hike in fee for monitoring of AAQ, Effluent & Noise level   PDF file size:( 16.21 KB) New icons 07-01-2019
13 Hike in fee of CTE, CTO & Authorization   PDF file size:( 16.28 KB) New icons 07-01-2019
14 Notice for Educational Institution   PDF file size:( 151.7 KB) New icons 19-09-2018
15 Application is invited for the appointment on contractual basis for the project on Strengthening of Laboratory of JSPCB under Namami Gange   PDF file size:( 42.92 KB) New icons 21-12-2018
16 Public Hearing   PDF file size:( 175.6 KB) New icons 01-11-2018
17 Honble NGT order that EC cannot be deemed to be considered as CTE even prior to the methodology involving the State Board is finalized.   PDF file size:( 1245.36 KB) New icons 21-01-2019
19 Notification for PM 10 Analyzer   PDF file size:( 516.38 KB) New icons 01-05-2019
20 Citizen Charter   PDF file size:( 156.19 KB) New icons 31-05-2019
21 Appointment of Board Analyst in Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board   PDF file size:( 292.55 KB) New icons 13-06-2019
22 Ambient Noise level monitoring report of various locations near Honble Jharkhand High Court, Doranda, Ranchi   PDF file size:( 342.54 KB) New icons 17-06-2019
23 Notice for all Health Care Facilities (HCFs)   PDF file size:( 138.04 KB) New icons 06-07-2019
24 Minute of meeting held with NMGC,SPCB and Expert Institute on 28.05.2019 to discuss and finalize criteria for selection of GPTs for inventory & inspection   PDF file size:( 701.08 KB) New icons 01-08-2019
25 Notice to all industries for applying for Stack Emission monitoring, AAQ Monitoring,Effluent analysis and Noise level monitoring through Single Window   PDF file size:( 99.34 KB) New icons 06-08-2019
26 Applications are invited for the posts of Chairman,SEIAA; Member SEIAA; Chairman.SEAC; and Member,SEAC   PDF file size:( 886.15 KB) New icons 08-08-2019
27 Presentation given during Hand Holding cum Interaction Session Held on 21/08/2019 organized by JSPCB New icons 22-08-2019
28 Students of Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi have been entrusted by JSPCB to carry out inventory of Bio Medical & E-Waste of Ranchi District. New icons 31-07-2019
29 Meeting held With CCL, BCCL & ECL on 25.07.2019 regarding Pollution Control Measures to be adopted in Coal Mines New icons 16-07-2019
30 Presentations given during Hand holding interaction session on E Waste Management Plastic Waste Management & ETP CETP STP and Zero Liquid Discharge concept New icons 22-07-2019
31 Progress Review of all Regional Officers of JSPCB on 19.07.2019 New icons 11-07-2019
32 Action plan for River Rejuvination in the State of Jharkhand New icons 28-06-2019
33 Interaction meet with HCFs(Nursing Homes,Hospitals,Pathological Centers etc. and CBWTFs)/Hotels/Banquets/Clubs/ Allied Industries on 25th,June in Palash Auditorium,Doranda,Ranchi, Near Forest Officers. Colony New icons 25-06-2019
34 Closure Order issued New icons 31-05-2019
35 Creation of different Cells in the Board for the smooth functioning.   PDF file size:( 667.4 KB) New icons 22-05-2019
36 Bio-Medical Waste Management- A brief for Medicos New icons 01-04-2019