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Nation Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Program (NAMP) -

      Ambient  air  quality  monitoring  stations  are  in  operation under National Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Programme (NAMP) with  financial assistance of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) towards operation and maintenance cost. Monitoring is carried out in 104 days and on 24 hours basis in a year as per the frequency  stipulated by  CPCB  guidelines. The  data  obtained  from  these stations are  submitted  to  CPCB   through  online  and feed into Environmental Data Bank (EDB).


       A) Elber Ekka Chwk,Ranch (Station Code- 402)



       A) Bistupur Vehicle Testing Centre (Station Code-351)

       B) Golmuri Vehicle Testing Centre (Station Code-382)

       C) Regional Office, Saraikela Khersawan (Station Code-614)

       D) Roof of Central Hospital,Barajamda,West Singhbhum (Station Code- 615)


        A) Roof of Regional Office. Housing Colony,Bartand, Dhanabd (Station Code-44)

        B) MADA,Jharia,Dhanbad (Station Code-332)

        C) Bastacola, Dhanbad (Station Code-612)

        D) CGMO,Kusunda,Dhanbad (Station Code-611)

        E) PDIL,Sindri,Dhanbad (Station Code- 46)




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